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R22 Replacement Solutions

We are a UK Birmingham, West Midlands air conditioning (AC), mechanical & electrical (M&E) contractor and maintenance provider carrying out pre design and design & build contracts.

Though our base is Birmingham, West Midlands, we offer air conditioning services UK wide. We offer Commercial aircon (AC) or Comfort Cooling or office air conditioning as well as Close Control Air Conditioning for temperature critical environments, such as Data Centres, Data Halls, Switch Rooms and Computer Rooms. We also have the capability for Design & Build of new Data Centres.

We have extensive experience of executing single discipline and multi discipline contracts, giving the client the simplicity of a single point of contact. On many contracts we act as principal contractor under CDM.

Our experience in Comfort Cooling, Close Control Air Conditioning as well as Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) and our ability to offer packaged solutions, provides our clients with quality and flexibility. Our understanding of energy issues and increasing efficiency and emission controls, means we can offer many solutions to clients needing energy upgrades or more control over how they use energy.

We understand the need to provide a quality service and this is at the core of everything we do. This understanding means that over 70% of our work comes from satisfied clients returning to us.

We undertake small works through our Service and Maintenance division, with larger, turnkey package works being undertaken by our Projects team.

We are a contractor and we employ Project Managers, Installation Engineers, Service Engineers and Commissioning Engineers. These are fully trained and qualified professionals and their skills and experience contribute to our ability to provide a quality service.

We have extensive experience of undertaking the installation, service and maintenance of critical air conditioning, mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems. The knowledge gained from working in these environments, from initial construction through to operational service and maintenance, gives our staff crucial understanding and insight into the lifecycle of an installation.... more

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time lapse film - data centre

A time lapse film demonstrating Holborn’s specialist capabilities - building a new data centre.

Holborn secure contract to supply & install a 1Mwatt Diesel generator to upgrade an existing Virgin Media site. The project will include improvements to the bulk fuel storage & pipework as well as fabrication and installation of a new ISO Accoustic container for the generator set.

New 1000kVa set installation via enlarged inlet louvre.


Holborn are a fully F-Gas certified contractor - don't take chances, make sure your contractor is fully legally compliant.


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