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data centres - need to replace / upgrade air conditioning chillers but can't afford the downtime?

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We have extensive experience in chiller replacement without downtime

In 2010 we completed a callenging project for a clobal IT provider to change 2 180kw intelligent free cooling chillers along with the decommissioning and removal of the existing R22 chillers.
To faciliate the work our engineers had first to support the existing data centre with 200Kw of temporayr cooling, for an 8 week period, ensuring that data centre conditions were met throughout. Many of the clients hosted in the data centre were global companies and it was vital that there was no 'downtime'.

We installed a temporary chiller and air handling units with supply air ducting into the existing data centre and used the existing room CRAC units as circulation units to retain the existing sub floor pressurisation & air flow patterns. Once complete an extensive test was undertaken with comprehensive data logging of the rooms and sample racks to establish 'base line' conditions and then verify no change once the temporary cooling package was enabled.



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In 2012 we completed another major £800K project to replace 13 DX CRAC units in a live data centre, with 13 new Chiller/CRAC systems featuring in an innovative chilled water 'optimisation' system. Each of the new systems conisted of an external free cooling chiller with variable speed scroll compressors, linked at an indoor CRAC unit with EC drive fans. The heart of each system is a control system that runs the chilled water temperature at the highest possible setting to allow maximum free cooling operation. This means that chillers can be providing full or partial free cooling in ambient temperatures above 15 degrees.

Our project included all the associated builders work, electrical and fire suppression modifications. Our service team was awarded the ongoing maintenance support on completion.