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R22 restrictions and R22 legislation are changing, don't get caught out in the R22 phase out

R22 replacement solutions from air conditioning specialists - Holborn

the problem

If your building uses air conditioning and it was installed before 2003 it is likely to contain R22 refrigerant and so be at risk from existing, and future restrictions on the use of R22. We recommend that building owner's & occupiers should be considering a sensible approach to replacement.

R22 refrigerant used in air conditioning will be illegal to service & maintain from31st December 2014.

If your system leaks gas or fails after that date, we won't be able to repair it - this will push system owners into rush replacement without the benefit of a considered, designed replacement programme.

With reduced spares availability and R22 refrigerant now at £30.00 per Kg NOW is the time to replace R22!!

time 2 replace

the case for replace

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Close Control Systems & Chillers

case study

Our R22 replacement experience is not just limited to comfort cooling - Holborn have a proven track record in replacing mission critical cooling for data centres and server rooms. Our past projects include the replacement of 2no 250kW chillers in a 'live' data centre - supporting the client servers with a temporary cooling package for 8 weeks. A more recent project involved the replacement of existing DX CRAC units with an innovative chilled water/CRAC system using 'optimsed' variable chilled water temperature to match the room load to water temperature and maximise 'free cooling' operation. Click on the attched link to go to the project profiles